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The Medicines Management Team

General practice is experiencing unprecedented demand, with an ever-increasing workload and difficult prescribing targets.

Evidence has shown that GPs spend significant time managing prescribing related work. This Includes reconciliation of letters, discharge forms, repeat prescriptions and re-authorisation.

These can be delivered in a more cost-effective manner by our highly trained clinical pharmacists.

A proven strategy to support practices in relieving the workload pressure on GPs is to utilise pharmacists, so a GP's time is freed up to deal with complex medical needs of patients.

Medicines Management Team

Medicine Management Team Welcome Video About Us

At TMMT our leadership team consists of advanced clinical practitioners and GP’s with a wealth of experience. We will help your Practice or PCN deliver a fully efficient medicines management service reducing the ever increasing strains within primary care.

The main challenges for primary care employers are recruiting pharmacists that don’t initially have the skillset or experience in a primary care setting.


This increases pressure on the employer to
adequately train the pharmacist, which is time consuming and usually means the pharmacist is
unable to work from day one.


Our Training Suite tackles these issues head on by providing a dedicated training programme which is facilitated by Advanced Pharmacist Practitioner & GP’s

Video of Dr Joel Brown highlighting the importance of pharmacists in Primary care

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